Evolution of Tech in HR

Working together, several sensors can paint a fairly complete picture of your daily activity, with implications for your privacy

The advent of technology has led to significant change in the way we work. With several processes being entirely automated, technological developments have found their applications in almost every corner of the workplace.

Human Resource Management as well has benefited from these advancements over the decades, most notably the Internet becoming commonplace in the 1990s.

As more businesses and professionals gained access to the internet it revolutionized the hiring process. The classified sections from newspapers cast a wide web, but it’s the worldwide web that streamlined that process. With the first ever online job portal, Monster, launched 1994, the landscape of recruitment had taken its first step into the future.

Recruiters were now able to directly target the kind of employees they wanted. As more and more niches started to crop up online it became easier to identify potential candidates via their digital footprint. Potential employees could now send their resumes digitally, the screening process became a whole lot simpler and only the most impressive candidates would be called in for interviews, saving corporations a lot of valuable time.

Technology also completely changed the way HR can gauge employee performance and the general mood of the staff. Marking employee attendance is now almost entirely digital at every company but a headcount was never one of the bigger challenges yet for the longest time was the only quantifiable metric aside from an ‘eye test’, neither of which are particularly strong vectors of work performance.

It’s now become a lot easier to track what sort of recognition each employee has received for their work, their turnaround time on projects, even the actual hours put into work. Aside from that it has become far easier to get employee opinions on how they feel about the work assigned to them and the general office culture. With the wealth of data available to HR executives they can now easily identify any changes and improvements that need to be made within the company.

Technology has continued its rapid development since and there are always new tools and services popping up in the marketplace. One of the latest technological trends in the business world aims to revolutionize the payroll management process. Earned Wage Access has been making waves across the globe as employers and employees have both been seeing great benefits in making the switch from the more traditional ways of handling pay. EWA gives an employee the ability to access their earned wages as and when they choose to rather than the traditional weekly or monthly cycles.

The freedom and control it gives an employee leads to improved morale, lower financial stress and greater trust in their employers. In fact employees in growing numbers have been asking for their employers to implement a service like Earned Wage Access. Many of the younger workforce have been looking at it as a must have for their prospective employers. 

As EWA continues to be adopted by companies across the globe the signs are clear, it isn’t a flash in the pan and the early adopters will make themselves a much more lucrative destination for the top talent.

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