Add Flexibility to Your Tight Budget with Salary On-Demand8 min read

Oct 31, 2020

Get yourself organised and get more things done
Salary On-Demand allows employees to retrieve their real-time earned pay as when they need it, a system that’s beneficial to both employees and employers. Salary On-Demand provides employees with a far greater degree of financial control owing to the flexibility in accessing their earned salary. It helps boost their morale, making the fruits of their labour more readily apparent.

While Salary On-Demand may seem like a boon to a lot of people, there are, of course, others who function on a rigidly defined budget. They have their spending planned out down to the last rupee. It becomes difficult for them to justify accessing their wages early in fear of disrupting their budget. Worse yet, the transaction fee associated with Salary On-Demand might throw a spanner in the works.

Would such employees really be able to find a use for Salary On-Demand?
Of course, they would. It’s the perfect opportunity for them to get creative.
Salary On-Demand isn’t just a way for employees to make sure they have liquidity to pay the bills. It has a lot more to offer than just a way to squeeze a bit more mileage out of your paycheck without having to worry about unforeseen expenses.

Salary On-Demand gives employees complete control over their finances with unparalleled convenience owing to services like Refyne being available as a phone app. It can be the perfect way to boost investments. The flexibility that Salary On-Demand affords you lets you move around money whenever you need to, giving you the scope to make more investments and diversify your portfolio. With some savvy planning, you could quite easily cover the transaction fee of Salary On-Demand and then some.

Of course, not everyone has the time or know how to devote more resources to their investment portfolio or on the stock market. A lot of people prefer a more passive approach to managing their financial portfolio. In those cases, it’s possible to get a few quick and easy benefits by putting Salary On-Demand to work for you. Even with something as simple as increasing the capital in your savings account to get a bit more out of your interest, Salary On-Demand can help you find ways to make your money grow.

So even if a budget sealed in tight, Refyne’s Salary On-Demand solution makes you pause for a moment to consider how much that added flexibility over pay can help employees in supplementing their income and improving their financial health.

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