Boost Your Employees’ Financial Health with Salary On-Demand9 min read

Jun 13, 2023

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Salary On-Demand has several apparent benefits for employees. The power to retrieve earned pay on-demand can have a significant effect on an individual’s personal finance.

From ensuring timely bill payments, freeing up more money to make purchases to being equipped to deal with unexpected emergencies, EWA can radically change employees’ financial planning metrics.
For most of the part, Salary On-Demand makes perfect sense for times when money is just a little short. But what about when one is less burdened financially? Can EWA really be of that much use then?
For starters, having complete control over accrued wages is always a good thing. EWA can prove to be a useful tool even when one is in the green on their budget. The tendency with having extra money through a month may be to spend on self-indulgent activities, and while it’s a worthy cause, some may find themselves inclined to invest the difference instead.

This is where Salary On-Demand steps in.

EWA offers employees the flexibility to increase liquidity and diversify their investment portfolio. This helps them make spot decisions with investments and seize lucrative opportunities instead of waiting for months to squeeze more out of their salary to invest.

But investments are just one side of things. EWA can help staff members downsize EMIs as well. Whether by making prepayments to help lower overall interest or by providing more flexibility when it comes to refinancing loans. The greater control over earned pay helps employees find creative, smart and prudent ways to put their money to work.

On the other hand, EWA gives your employees the freedom and flexibility to work and improve their credit score. They can assuredly avail various financing options with the security of Salary On-Demand to ensure payments are made on time and avoid debt cycles. In short, EWA provides your workforce the psychological safety net to develop the confidence to take complete charge of their financial health.

Salary On-Demand builds your employees’ financial resilience, enabling them to be more proactive in saving, as they have the option to depend on their earned pay in case of an emergency, promoting the habit of investing regularly.

Financial education is seldom addressed among working individuals in India beyond the typical “save for a rainy day”. Truly personalising personal finance is a sure way to help employees enhance their financial health, establishing a trusted relationship of mutual growth with their employer.

Refyne is a free, zero-risk Salary On-Demand solution for companies that want their employees to attain holistic growth. By enabling your team members to leverage their earned salary to reform their finances favourably, organizations can improve workplace sentiment, culture and productivity.
Learn more about Refyne’s Salary On-Demand platform here. You can also get in touch with us for a brief demo at queries@refyne.co.in

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